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Welcome To Infinite Culture

Established in the year 2019, The Infinite Culture (TIC) is a Jaipur based company currently catering to the required demand to provide a price relevant clothing experience (currently focusing on T-shirts exclusively).

Started by two compassionate individuals, this clothing collective comes together aiming to create the perfect balance between supreme quality fabrics and gratifying aesthetics.  A company created out of experiences and personal likings, the idea is to give the customer the same quality wear which we choose and would like to wear.

As a company we believe that fashion is a never-ending culture, therefore our aim to expand and work towards it reflects the same. Every product we make reaches you after a thorough inspection and quality check.

Why Work With Us

Working at Arohit goes far beyond just having a job to make ends meet. With a job at our company, you have exciting new possibilities to follow your curiosity wherever it takes you.

As part of our team, you can contribute to shaping how our world lives, works and plays.

We also know that the battle is best won together. We believe that the power of our teams exponentially builds on the achievements of our individuals – that is why we reward both.

We entrust people with responsibilities early in their career and back them in taking calculated risks. And because we know that your life and priorities may change, we support you in making the right choices for yourself as well as your career – whether or not it is a traditional route.




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