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Screen printing is very much an art in more ways than one. Not all t-shirt printers or promotional clothing printers take the same care over the quality of the printing as we do. We make sure our print doesn’t crack, colours don’t overlap, the design is straight and the ink is thick enough.

Screen printing is a great process for a larger order of printed t-shirts (30+) and larger designs. Screen-printed t-shirts wash well and can maintain the print quality for a long time. Most printing you see in the High Street shops will have been printed this way. Although digital printing has become popular for photographs on shirts recently.

This process should not be confused with heat transfer printing (or thermal prints). Transfer prints do not last as well and are not as good in terms of print quality.

When screen printing, one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. For each separate colour an additional screen is required, so a design with 4 colours in it will need 4 screens, this can make screen printing in many colours uneconomical if only a small run of clothing is required and digital printing might be a cheaper option.

At the other end of the number scale the cost of 4 screens spread over a large number of garments doesn’t add a lot extra to the cost per shirt. We have price breaks at 30, 60, 100, and 500.You can combine garments to get to the next price bracket as long as the print remains the same. If the print size is changed then this counts as a separate print run.




The most effective and economical printing method.

Involves a set-up cost per design.

Consistent and long-lasting result.

Can be expensive for small orders.

Huge volume of items in a relatively short time.


Bold vibrant colours.




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