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Why Do Tee Shirts Matter?

In the next five minutes, this article will reiterate things hiding in plain sight, words which will convince you why tee shirts have passed the test of time and why they matter. Like really, they matter!

  1. A true reflection of who we are.

They lie when they tell us not to “judge a book by its cover”. We live in an era where we all possess a voice but we also live in an era where not everyone gets a platform to put that voice into motion. To do that we need better representation of the image we have worked hard to create.

To get ‘entry’ into our dream realities, we need to dress for it, which does not mean you need to sport your gala dress, it means our clothes need to reflect us and the confidence residing in us. Tee shirts hold exclusivity when it comes to expression, from our social likeability to our passion, our inner rebellion to our heart gushing fandom. Nothing expresses us better than the tee we hold close too.


  1. Possessor of common grounds.

Remember when you wore your favourite football jersey and that weirdo who is now your best friend spoke to you because you both like the same club? Or when your school put you in colour based houses igniting the spirits of competition and finding your “friends for life”?

Tee shirts have been playing the role of matchmaking way before dating apps became cool and have paved the way for visual communication successfully.  Tee shirts have been the real breakers no one talked about, until now.


  1. The epitome of comfort.

Undefeated champion of staple clothing, authority in comfort and relaxer of nerves, Tee shirts have been answering the needs of comfort clothing since time immemorial. Do I really need to explain more?


  1. Holding memories, one tee shirt at a time. 

Remember when you found that school jersey with your name on the back? Or that black tee you wore on your first date? Or the one that your friend gave you on your 19th birthday? All these tee shirts which now lie in the back of your drawer hold memories that run deep in your heart. Unconsciously, we have been stuffing our drawers from these tee shirts which made us feel special and give jitters now, who bear the testimony of our achievements and failures and which even losing its colour, coloured our lives for eternity. They are without a doubt those trophies we won even when we lost. Can you give up on them? I think not!


  1. The only piece of clothing which will never go out of fashion!

Tee shirts were made with a simple idea, comfort. That idea with its innate genius stayed with everything, whether it was for athletics or for leisure. A garment which has been designed and composed from time to time according to what the trend demands will never go out of the market even if these high-end jackets take over the world.

Trust us!

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